We are passionate about supporting young people in order encourage and support future professionals.

Higher Education

Digital Node support Education and evolving current academic degrees into the BIM Space. We work to support groups such as the BIM Academic Forum as well as being connected to both Australian and International Universities.

We have supported guest lecturing and tutoring at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia within the Architectural Courses they provide. Our intention is to ensure that students are aware of current Architectural discourse as well as technologies that can aid and support the future of design.

Digital Node also supported the BIM and Pedagogy event at the UCL and have close ties to the Centre for Spatial Analysis (CASA) as part of our future learning.


We have worked with the University of Bath and Westminster to support MSc courses in relation to BIM and continue to support students requiring feedback on the processes and procedures in relation to the UK Government mandate toward Level 2 BIM..

Secondary & Primary Schooling

Digital Node support secondary education and therefore support training and guidance in relation to ensuring young people understand the reality of the Construction Industry. As a result we regularly host and run ‘Design:Engineer: Construct’ Workshops as a strategic partner to Class of Your Own (COYO).


Thank you so much for running the DEC! workshop last Friday. I really appreciated your facilitation of the event, your input enabled the pupils to gain so much from their day and the expert advice you gave will be really valuable as the groups now work on their designs……

Liz Newhouse, London Freeman’s School


…so glad it went well, always does especially with Rebecca involved!
Liz Forrester, COYO